Deviated One

v. de·vi·ate - To depart, as from a norm, purpose, or subject; stray.

This is one view of life out of 7 billion different vantage points.







the key to being a good parent is having a goddamn poker face all the fucking time! Cos I can watch someone just fucking nail their toe on the corner of a coffee table and trust that the reaction would be close to appropriate, though I can be a bit of a drama king. But if I show my kids an ounce inkling of sympathy or caring, I end up at the hospital after paying the ER copay to find that my kid got a little worked up over a graze. It may make me seem a bit cold when you see me stare, emotionless, at my kid for a second after they may have just broke something for the real reaction. If it hurt, they will cry, or at least try (we’ve all seen what that looks like, right?), and I will jump to their aid immediately. And I’m sure if I ever witness a finger get severed or bent in an ungodly direction I will just pass out and we’ll both be someone elses problem. The silence at the end of this video speaks volumes. 

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Olaf Brzeski (b. 1975, Wroclaw, Poland) - 1,3: Dream: Spontaneous Combustion, 2009   Sculpture: Resin, Soot  2: Breath, 2009   Mixed Media  4,5: In Memory of Major Józef Moneta and All True Teachers, 2006, Super 8 Film, transferred to DVD   Film Still

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