Deviated One

v. de·vi·ate - To depart, as from a norm, purpose, or subject; stray.

This is one view of life out of 7 billion different vantage points.

Anonymous asked: Don't you just love talking to republicans? "We need to bring back the values America was founded on!" "Like illegal immigration?" and "We need to follow Jesus' example!" "So, free healthcare, giving up riches to help the poor, and not judging a woman on how much sex she has? Tell you what, you get a couple of planks of wood, I'll nail you to them."


"Tell you what, you get a couple of planks of wood, I’ll nail you to them."

I’m going to use this everyday all the time ever








nobody hates justin bieber more than drake bell does

I’m going to be really sad the day I hear Drake Bell got attacked and murdered by feverish adolescent girls

No it’s cool they won’t hurt him. He invited them to do it once and

my fucking hero

i fucking love drake bell

Drake fucking bell people

so many people say that he’s sad and pathetic for hating on Justin Bieber and his fangirls all the time, but tbh I think he is doing the lord’s work.

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