Deviated One

v. de·vi·ate - To depart, as from a norm, purpose, or subject; stray.

This is one view of life out of 7 billion different vantage points.

The police need to stop with the facebook “be a good person and help us find this person (charged with a minor crime)” bullshit. You know why, FUCK THE POLICE, that’s why. It could very well be you or me next time for some stupid shit and they have to get everybody involved in your business. Why should I get involved. You want to find that guy with a warrant for FTA on a marijuana possession charge, get off your ass and do your fucking job and you just might find there’s better shit to be focusing on then some jackass that got high in the mall parking lot. Fuck you for asking me to turn in my fellow citizen for some bullshit. You haven’t earned enough of my respect for me to snitch on anyone, so fuck off with that noise.